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Dyeing Wool with Plants

Since we had some of our Shetland wool spun into yarn, I have been eager to try out some natural dyeing. I had my chance today when I took part in a Natural Dyeing Workshop that was led by Susan Martin here at the Trust and an enjoyable event it was. Susan took us through the whole process of dyeing, including mordanting the wool so … Continue reading Dyeing Wool with Plants »

Yarn From Our Sheep For Sale

We have a beautiful flock of Shetland and Hebridean sheep which graze on the land of the Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust and form an integral part of the land management. We aim to manage our sheep as naturally as possible, using pasture management, vigilance during risk seasons and herbal medicines to manage / prevent common sheep ailments such as internal parasites, foot problems and fly … Continue reading Yarn From Our Sheep For Sale »