Shaft only of Wooden Snath


Just need the “stick” of the snath?

Accidents do happen and snaths occasionally get broken (we’ve known one that got reversed over by a pickup!).

You can order a snath without grips or a clamp if you just need a replacement for the main shaft – the grips and clamp can be transferred across from your old to your new snath.

PLEASE READ NOTES below before ordering.
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PLEASE NOTE the following product changes that might affect what you need to order:

1) c2017 Schröckenfux brought the manufacturer of snaths in house.

The upper grips of the old Swiss snaths are not compatible with the newer Fux made snaths. If you are not sure which one you have, please check with us before ordering.

2) End 2020 Schröckenfux stopped adding the plastic guard to the end of the snath shaft

This lead to a redesign of the clamp to fit (see here for details). Older style clamps will not fit the plastic free snaths so you may need to order a new clamp if ordering a replacement.


Snaths are available in four lengths. The length needed depends on your height

Your Height———Snath Number

Less then 5ft ———-Size 1 (small)
5ft – 5ft 10————-Size 2 (medium)
5ft 8 – 6ft 4————Size 3 (long)
6ft 2 and taller——–Size 4 (extra-long)

Each size of snath has adjustable handle positions so it can be fine tuned to suit your height and mowing style.

A child’s snath can be supplied with a short right hand grip to make set up easier (children less then 4′ 6″).

If you are at the edge of the height range you may not be sure which snath length to choose.

If your legs are long in proportion to your body length you should choose the longer snath. If they are short in proportion to your body length choose the shorter snath. This should give you the most useful range of adjustment of the handle positions.

We are often asked if two people can share a snath.

  • If your heights fit onto one size, it is relatively easy, though you may have to move grips between users.
  • If the difference in your heights is large you are likely to need different snath lengths and it will be hard to share.

If you really only want to buy one snath but don’t fit on the same size:

  • Buy the snath length for the person who will use the scythe most frequently.
  • Or buy the correct length for the taller person, if the shorter person is not far off fitting on the bottom of that size.