Schröckenfux snath design updates

Reducing Plastic Use

In response to consumer demand, Schröckenfux are no longer adding the plastic guard to the end of their wooden adjustable snaths.

This has led to a redesign of the clamp that attaches the blade to the snath. A comparison between the old and new designs as can be seen in the pictures to the right.

Below are some helpful tips on using the new style clamp.

The shape of the redesigned clamp means the scythe blade cannot be fitted in the standard way taught in the UK.

This video shows how to fit a blade using the new scythe clamp. This method can also be used with the older design.

As a natural material, wood is inherently variable and can swell if damp. Occasionally a clamp can be tricky to get on or remove, especially after mowing in damp conditions. The following method will easily remove a stuck clamp and blade.

First, remove the grub screws completely to prevent them becoming deformed. Then place the scythe on a firm surface, flat side of the clamp down.

Strike the round side of the clamp a few times with a hammer, the blade and clamp should then become loose and be easy to remove.

We have made a video demonstrating the process, see right.

If your clamp is tricky to get on you can use the same technique to widen it slightly, hammering the clamp before you put it on the snath.

We are currently switching over to the new style snath and clamp, orders will contain instructions on correct fitting.

If you need to buy a replacement clamp for an existing snath, we currently have both styles in stock. When ordering, bear the following in mind:

  • The new style clamps will fit older snaths, but you need to remove the plastic guard on the end of the snath first.
  • The old style clamps DO NOT fit the plastic free snaths (the clamp is too wide).
  • If you have a snath with a plastic guard you can order either a new style clamp or an original.
  • If you have a snath without a plastic guard you must order the new style.