Natural Stone: Rozsutec (extra-fine)


From Slovakia, a high quality, extra-fine stone which gives a long-lasting edge.

NOTE this product is for the stone only. The stone holder can be purchased separately here


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This is the finest stone that we offer.

When used on a well-peened edge it will hone the edge whilst removing the least metal. This helps lengthen the interval before further peening is required. It is best matched to scythers who can achieve a fine edge with freehand peening.

This is a hard, fine gritted stone which requires more pressure to be applied during honing than the other stones we supply. This can make it trickier for beginners to get a good edge until they have got the feel for sharpening.

We recommend beginning with La Saurat, then progressing to this stone as your experience increases.

If used dry, this stone easily clogs with dirt, so make sure you have a stone holder or similar to carry water.

Over time the stone can glaze and decrease in effectiveness. To clean it, rub it with a scourer and vinegar.

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