Grass Blade Profisense


A fine blade for mowing meadows, soft weeds and lawns. This blade sets up and mows easily so is ideal for learning to scythe.


A fine blade for mowing meadows, soft weeds and lawns.

A longer blade will allow you to mow more with each stroke and so mow a given area faster. As more vegetation is cut per stroke, there will be a greater weight to move across the stroke. So a compromise has to be made between speed of mowing and the weight the mower is able/willing to move.

The 75cm blade is ideal in lighter meadow grasses and for lawns. The shorter 65cm blade may be preferred in very heavy grasses, collapsed or tangled meadows or in confined areas eg small lawns, paths.

If you are an experienced scyther mowing large areas of lighter grasses, you may be interested in these longer meadow mowing blades.

If you are restoring a neglected meadow that has not been mown or grazed in the last year, you may be better starting with a Styria blade until you have it back in regular management.

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65cm Profisense, 75cm Profisense