Fux Deluxe Peening Jig


The simplest peening option, the jig is relatively easy to master and produces good results in most circumstances, and excellent results with practice. Phil started peening with a jig and we recommend most people to do the same.

We are pleased to be able to offer this high quality jig, made by the Schröckenfux Scythe Factory. For many people, this jig may be all the peening equipment they ever need.

Manufactured to the very high standards we expect from Fux, this jig is a pleasure to work with and we expect it to give many years of good peening service. It is the right choice if you expect to stick with jig peening over your scything career, you will do a lot of peening or if you want to get started with the best tools.

Below is a useful video by Neil Dudman on using a jig. Lots more information about peening can be found here.

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A very useful instructional video on jig peening by Neil Dudman

Lots more information about peening can be found on this page.