Mowing in the rain

Learning how to sharpenMowing in full waterproofs, not what you might imagine when you are thinking about using a scythe.

Nine brave folk happily took on the challenge on Tuesday during our wettest scythe course of 2016. The wet grass was cutting nicely though and there was the Red Barn to shelter in for tea breaks, lunch and peening discussions. We were impressed with the general level of aptitude, given that the majority of people had not used a scythe before.

Now we are faced with the interesting challenge of turning the cut grass into hay in, shall we say, unconventional haymaking weather?  We’ll let you know how we get on…….

Practice the mowing action around the May Pole
Running through the warm up exercises before practicing the mowing action on short grass
Mowing in the field, hay racks in foreground
Out in the field mowing, hay racks from our last batch of haymaking in the foreground.
Mowing grass with an Austrian Scythe
The rain eased off after lunch – mowing with hoods down!