Grass Blade Luxor

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A fine blade for mowing meadows, soft weeds and lawns.

This is Phil’s favorite blade.

A Luxor blade hardly leaves his snath for most of the grass mowing season.

The 85cm length is hard at work in the hay meadow. He uses the 75cm Luxor for most garden work (lawns, tracks, overgrown edges) and a 50cm Luxor for paths and trimming work. The shorter versions of this blade can be found here.

Slightly heavier then the Profisense Meadow blade, it is more forgiving of coarser mowing. The body of the blade is fairly flat so it needs a little more care with initial set up to get it mowing well.

Once it is set up it mows like a dream and is a useful step up from the Profisense blade.

If used with care the 75cm blade (and shorter lengths) are capable of mowing young brambles and bracken. If you have large areas to tackle, or the brambles are more mature, one of these tougher blades might suit you better.

NEW FOR 2019

We now stock an 85cm Luxor scythe blade

This is the length that we favor for the majority of our hay mowing. We switch to shorter lengths late in the season when the weight or toughness of the grass makes mowing with long blades harder work.

Preparing your new blade for mowing

All new blades should have the lacquer cleaned off the cutting edge to prevent it clogging the sharpening stone. See this post for further details.

Preparing your new blade

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Blade Choice

75cm Luxor, 85cm Luxor