3 thoughts on “A Good Scythe at Work

  1. I have seen some these videos before and have learned a lot about getting the right stance so that I can mow without so much effort.
    I recently scythed a pathway through a friend’s field and it was a pleasure to work on as the the grass cut so easily and I could mow very close to the ground.
    However, my own field is on wet clay and the grass tends to be broad leaved, thick and very thatched which I find difficult to mow. I peen the blade regularly and keep it well-honed in the field and I think I have the blade adjusted correctly. I use a 65cm Styria blade for this type of grass.
    Am I doing something wrong or is some type of grass a lot harder to scythe than others? Any advice would be most welcome! Thanks.

    1. Hi Richard,

      You are right, grass certainly does vary in how easy it is to mow. How the grass is laying, it’s age, presence / absence of thatch are just a few things that can effect the mowing. Blog post on just this subject coming soon….

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