The Scything Handbook by Ian Miller


The Scything Handbook: Learn How to Cut Grass, Mow Meadows and Harvest Grain by Hand by Ian Miller

The newest Scything book on the block is a very interesting read. The value of this book is it's breadth – as well as chapters on setting up and using a scythe it also has chapters on the manufacturer of the scythe, hand hay making and harvesting grains.

In particular, the information on the use of racks in hand hay making is the most detailed we have seen in print so far.

If you are simply looking for a scything instruction manual we would strongly recommend “Learn to Scythe” , as this book covers scythe set up and use as practiced in the UK very clearly. However, if you would like a book that goes further into the world of the scythe, give this one a try.

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The publishers say:

“Written by a master of the scythe, professionally trained in Austria, and drawing deeply on research into original German texts, The Scything Handbook brings centuries-old scything techniques into the 21st century.

Detailed illustrations cover scythe assembly, perfecting the stroke, blade selection, honing, peening, and aftercare, as well as background on how scythes are forged. Also covered are the basics of making hay and mulch by hand, and how to grow and harvest gains at the home and homestead scale for self-sufficiency


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