Brexit – sending scythes out of the UK

The Brexit deal is having a profound effect on the logistics and costs of exporting out of the UK.

If you would like scythes or related equipment sent to the EU or elsewhere in the world, please read the following information.

Here I have outlined the current process for export and the likely additional costs to you the customer.

Here I have listed the EU suppliers of Austrian scythes that I know of. It may be easier to go to one of these suppliers in the first instance and come to us for the parts you cannot source elsewhere.

Buying a scythe for delivery to the EU
  • As a non-UK customer you can place an order from our shop minus UK VAT.
  • Likely shipping rates are £5 – £45 depending on the size of the parcel. We ship non-UK parcel with UPS (blades and full scythes) or Royal Mail (small parcels).
  • On shipping, we will complete the relevant paperwork to ensure your parcel will pass through customs.
  • Before delivering your parcel, the courier company will be in contact to arrange payment for any taxes, customs charges or fees that are due.
  • VAT will be payable at the rate charged by your country. This will be calculated on the full cost of your parcel, including shipping costs.

There are several additional charges that MAY be made, which vary country to country.

  • Tariffs may apply depending on the items in the parcel (usually a small % of the value of the item in question eg 1%). I think most hand tools do not attract a tariff, but please check your local regulations.
  • Some EU countries charge an importation fee on items brought from outside of the EU
  • The couriers may levy a handling charge for clearing your parcel through customs and collecting any fees due.

If you would like to order, please get in touch and we can work out a likely cost with you.

EU and worldwide Scythe Suppliers
It may be easier to go to one of these suppliers in the first instance and come to us for the parts you can not source elsewhere.
If you know of any suppliers of good quality scythes that I have missed, please get in touch and I will add them.

Australia – Hazelcombe Farm – Sensenverein

Austria – Silvanus

Belgium – La Pic Vert

Belgium – Terra Tools

Canada – Scythe Supply

Canada – Scythe Works

Czech Republic – Kosime Snadno

Denmark – Le for Livet

France – Le Comptoir de la Faux

France –

Germany – Sensenwerkstatt

Germany – Sensenverein

Ireland – Fruithill Farm

Netherlands – Zeisles

New Zealand – Scythes Newzealand

North America – One Scythe Revolution

Sweden – Lie Mats