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Hay Making during unsettled weather

  Occasionally we get a long spell of settled weather when we can make hay at full pace.  Our early hay making was like this, with about 1.5 acres in the barn by the end. Right now we are in a patch of unsettled weather, a few dry days interspersed with showery or rainy days. Using various techniques, such as hay racks and haycocks, we … Continue reading Hay Making during unsettled weather »

Saving the Hay

National Meadows Day last Sunday saw us spending a fair part of the day out in one of the Trust’s meadows, saving the hay. This is grass that was cut in the rain on our last scythe course. We would not normally choose to cut hay in such weather, but it is an interesting challenge to save it despite the less then favourable conditions. The … Continue reading Saving the Hay »

Making Hay while the Sun (briefly) Shines

We sneaked in a  bit of hay making in the last little patch of good weather. The hay, cut on Wednesday morning, was racked last night to protect it from the showers that arrived over night. I didn’t get any photos, but have come across this interesting film from 1942, shot I believe in Switzerland. I only understand a little of the commentary but the … Continue reading Making Hay while the Sun (briefly) Shines »

More Hay Making with Racks

Right- windrows mown in the morning, Centre- Phil spreading hay mown the day before, Left-Hay racks Since our last Introductory Scythe Course on 18th August we have been hay making again, although in a different fashion to earlier in the season. The weather has not been classic settled hay making weather. We have had bright sunny days alternating with cloudier days and the threat of … Continue reading More Hay Making with Racks »

Using Racks Part 3 – building a rack

As promised, here is a guide to how we stack our hay racks! Racks are used to save hay from bad weather when is not yet dry enough to bring into a barn. The design of the rack allows the hay to continue curing while the outside layers of hay shed the rain and protect the rest from damage. We start with a wooden frame, … Continue reading Using Racks Part 3 – building a rack »