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Spring in the Meadows – Molehill bashing!

No scyther enjoys meeting a molehill whilst mowing. It interrupts the flow of your scythe strokes, and worse still, blunts your blade! We have a very healthy population of moles on the farm, complete with accompanying molehills. Now, whilst the weather is dry but before the grass is really growing away, is the time of year to flatten them. The industrious moles will of course … Continue reading Spring in the Meadows – Molehill bashing! »

Moles in the Meadows

One of my personnel markers of Spring is the moment when the sheep refuse even the sweetest hay in favor of the new grass growth, sparse as that may be. Thoughts then start to turn towards making the next crop. One of the first annual tasks in the hay meadow is flattening mole hills. While moles may be indicators of a healthy worm population, mole … Continue reading Moles in the Meadows »

Mole Meditations

Spring, the grass is growing and it is time to bash the mole hills. This period of dry sunny weather has made the mole hills friable and easy to spread, so I have been out in the hay field armed with a rake and doing just that. While raking, I have been thinking on the benefits of the mole. There must be some, surely??! Over … Continue reading Mole Meditations »