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The Tools of the Hand Hay Making Trade

It has been another gloriously hot day. Philip mowed for about 3 hours early this morning. After breakfast we spread all the hay on the field, then hosted a very enjoyable visit from the Dyfed Smallholders Association. This evening we carted the hay that had been mown on Thursday, then rowed up the rest of the hay for the night. Hand hay making all begins … Continue reading The Tools of the Hand Hay Making Trade »

Daily Hand Hay Making Blog

Hay making season is on it’s way! And it seems quite a lot of people are interested in making hay by hand. This summer we are planning to post daily updates of our hand hay making activities, showing the whole process from mowing to storing on hay racks or stacking in the barn. We normally start in the first good weather window after 15th July … Continue reading Daily Hand Hay Making Blog »