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A Good Start Made

Hay racks in the meadow

This last week of beautiful weather has given us a good start on the seasons hay making. Phil has mowed every morning from Saturday 28th May until Friday 3rd June. The cut grass has been spread and rowed daily, taking about 3.5 days to dry. The first hay was bought in on Tuesday 31st, with more bought in each day since then. Rain was forecast … Continue reading A Good Start Made »

Spring Beekeeping

The appearance of the dandelions, which began a few weeks ago, is the cue to think about the “spring expansion” of our Warré bee hives. Last week’s warm sunny weather was the ideal opportunity to carry out the work. Here is Phil and his beekeeping assistant, wheelbarrow loaded and ready to go. In Warré hives, expansion is carried out by placing empty boxes underneath the … Continue reading Spring Beekeeping »

Rowing up

Some of the “Stackpole” hay in it’s rows early this morning (July 13th) A very busy day for us yesterday, though not all with hay making. Phil squeezed in some mowing early on before going out to work in a neighbours garden, and I went off early to take produce from the garden to a local market. Being squeezed for time when he got back, … Continue reading Rowing up »

The Trimming Scythe – it’s not all about haymaking you know!

I was cycling home recently when I saw someone trimming a verge with a string-stimmer. It looked like hot, slow and tiring work – the strimmer could only take small bites of the rank grass, it was obviously quite heavy and the user was wearing long sleeves and trousers and a mask in the hot afternoon sunshine to protect himself from flying vegetation. My first … Continue reading The Trimming Scythe – it’s not all about haymaking you know! »