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Mowing a Labyrinth

For the past couple of years I have mowed a labyrinth into the wild flower meadow in the Top Field as part of the Summer Solstice celebration we hold here at the Trust. The children really enjoy it, and were determined there should be another one this year. So, wielding the trusty Austrian Scythe, I went out in the drizzle on Saturday morning to mow. … Continue reading Mowing a Labyrinth »

The English Scythe

There are many reasons that the Austrian style scythe has risen to prominence in the British scythe revolution. It’s lightness and ease of use make it attractive, as does the fact that high quality equipment is still being made and can be bought, allowing you to get out and get mowing quickly and easily. It is not so easy to get started with the English … Continue reading The English Scythe »

Mowing at Midday

We have a grass track running through the Trust. We maintain parts of it with a scythe, usually using the clippings to mulch the vegetable gardens. The edges to the tracks are left to grow longer and bramble tries to creep out from the hedges. Periodically the edges need managing too. Edges ready to be mown The balance of grazing land to hay fields on … Continue reading Mowing at Midday »

May Hay

We had our first Scythe Course of the season on Saturday. It was a really excellent day. The course was full with participants both local and from further afield. As well as the scythe teaching there was plenty of interesting conversation over lunch and tea breaks, covering scything and grass of course and a wide range of other topics besides. Here’s Phil and I, enjoying … Continue reading May Hay »