Scythe Blades

We offer scythe blades from two leading European scythe manufacturers.


The Fux factory of Austria
and the Falci factory of Italy.

We offer different patterns of blade, suitable for mowing everything from lawns to brambles.

To make it easier to find one best suited to your conditions and mowing style, blades are categorized by use as well as manufacturer.

Most blades are multi-functional and fall into more then one category.


“Received the new scythe blade, perfectly peened and a real joy to use.” Tim, Hants


Meadows and Lawns
Blades suitable for mowing meadows, large areas of grass, soft weeds and lawns

Rasierschnitt 95cm scythe blade and Luxor 85cm Scythe BladeLong Meadow and Lawn blades
Long blades (over 80cm) suitable for mowing meadows, large areas of grass, soft weeds and lawns
Falci 177 The Dragon Long Ditch BladeRougher Mowing
Tougher blades that are more suited to rougher mowing (eg weeds, bracken, bramble). Some are multi-purpose and can be used for grass too.
Rasierschnitt 60cm scythe bladeMulti-purpose blades
Versatile blades that can be used for a mix of mowing tasks
Short blades.
For mowing narrow paths and confined areas

Falci 128

Trimming blades
A selection of blades that are useful for maintaining paths, edges of garden beds, around trees and bushes and for smaller areas of grass and weeds

Falci Logo
Falci Scythe Blades.
Includes trimming blades, long ditch blades and long meadow blades

Fux Scythe Blades. 
Meadow blades, short trimming blades and tougher blades for rougher mowing
Grass Hooks / Hand Scythes
For careful vegetation removal where there isn’t room to use a full scythe

Special offers, used or refurbished blades, discontinued lines