Scythe Clamp, Allan Key and Wedge


Used for fixing the blade to the snath. The clamp comes with a wedge and 2 grub screws and a long handled allan key to fit.


  1. These clamps are made to fit the Fux adjustable wooden snaths that we supply and may not fit other styles of snath, including other snaths made by Fux.
  2. Autumn 2020 Fux removed the plastic guard from the snaths and are now producing a new style of clamp to accommodate this. The images show the new clamp, followed by a comparison between the new and original, then the original clamp.
    • The new style clamps will fit older snaths, but you need to remove the plastic guard on the end of the snath first.
    • The old style clamps DO NOT fit the plastic free snaths (the clamp is too wide).
  3. Order this item if a new clamp is needed to replace a damaged one, you need a spare or if you want to make your own snath and need a clamp. All snaths come with a clamp as standard and there is no need to order a clamp when ordering a snath


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Scythe Clamp