Rasierschnitt 95cm Long Meadow Blade


A very long blade for mowing large areas of grass.

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This blade is suitable for the experienced mower to use on large lawns or for early hay making. Or for taking part in scythe competitions!

When mowing lighter vegetation, such as lawns, early season hay crops or low fertility wildflower meadows, this blade will allow you to cut a given area more quickly.

This blade can be used in heavier grass but it becomes harder work to move the blade through the sward and carry the weight of the cut vegetation.

At some point in the scything season, most mowers find it is quicker to switch to a shorter blade that takes less effort to use. The exact point when you might want to switch will vary from mower to mower!

Longer blades allow you to cut more with each pass of the blade but require greater technical skill from the scyther, both when scything and in scythe set-up and peening / sharpening.

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95cm Rasierschnitt