Rasierschnitt 60cm Multipurpose Scythe Blade


A versatile blade, useful for grass, weeds and trimming tasks. It’s shape make it particularly useful for managing soft rush (Juncus effusus).

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A good all rounder.

If you are looking for one blade to do a variety of tasks on your holding, this 60cm blade is a good compromise between the shorter and longer blades we offer.

It is agile enough to manage around obstacles and in narrower areas, but long enough that it is not too slow in more open areas of mowing.

It has a less hooked tip then many blades, meaning it mows more for it’s length. The long taper to it’s tip makes it easier to carry out selective mowing eg “weeding” around plants in a forest garden.

This shape also allows the blade to penetrate clumping plants well, making it the best blade for mowing clumps of soft rush (Juncus effusus).

If used with care this blade is capable of mowing young brambles (> 1 year old). If you have large areas to tackle, or the brambles are more mature, one of these tougher blades might suit you better.


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60cm Rasierschnitt