Falci Grass Hook (Hand Scythe)


Grass hooks or hand scythes are a useful tool for careful vegetation removal where there isn’t room to use a full scythe, in awkward corners or where extra precision is required. I have also found it very useful for cutting back ferns and bracken growing on the near vertical hedge banks boarding our access track.

Sharpen frequently with a standard canoe-shaped sharpening stone when in use, as you would a scythe blade.

A Peenable Blade

The Falci Grass Hook is of a beautifully light build and is made in the same way as the European tensioned scythe blades we stock. This means the edge can be cared for in the same way, using peening to maintain a good edge profile for honing with a sharpening stone. Peening also allows you to alter the edge, thinning it down for cutting finer vegetation or leaving it thicker for rougher work.

Note, unlike scythes which employ both hands, the grass hook is “handed”. This version is designed for use in the right hand.

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Falci Grass Hook