Falci 154 Straight Trimming Blade (stock to clear)

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A straighter trimming blade, ideal for mowing around and between closely spaced objects. We have used it to mow grass along the edges of a forest garden and to control weeds in between the plants.

Ready to Mow Scythe Blades

Like all new blades, the Falci blades will benefit from having the lacquer cleaned from the cutting edge before first use; also an edge peen (although less so then with the Fux blades).

All new blades should have the lacquer cleaned off the cutting edge to prevent it clogging the sharpening stone. For best performance when mowing grass and fleshy weeds, most blades will also benefit from being edge peened before first use.

For an extra £10, all scythe blades can be supplied prepared and edge peened. Blades are prepared to order and may take longer to dispatch at times of high demand. As with all blades, Ready to Mow blades will need honing with a stone before first use and frequently there after.

The chance to buy a “Ready to Mow” Styria 65cm or Profisense 75cm is offered to all course participants at the end of a scythe course at no extra charge.

What is a Ready to Mow blade?


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This blade has a deep belly similar to the 128, but a less hooked tip than the other Falci blades we are currently stocking. It is useful general purpose blade around the holding for fleshy weeds and grass. As a lighter weight blade it is not suitable for rough work. We have used it to mow grass along the edges of a forest garden and to control weeds in between the plants.

It’s less hooked tip and more even curvature along it’s length gives this blade a deeper bite forward into the vegetation for a given hafting angle and a different feel from the 128 when using it as a trimming blade.

While a hooked tip can be useful when mowing up to and against an obstacle, a less hooked tip makes it easier to use the blade to trim in between closely spaced obstacles, for examples hooking out a few weeds between fruit bushes that you are otherwise mowing around.  The fact that this blade does not have a stone point is also useful in this situation, as it means the blade has a cutting edge almost to the very tip

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