Buying a Scythe – Fitting and Advice Service


Can’t get on a scythe course but want a bit more help when choosing and setting up a scythe?

If you live locally or are in our area on holiday, you can take advantage of our in person fitting and advice service.

We will spend time with you discussing your needs, then fit a scythe to you and give basic instruction on use so you’ll be ready to mow when you get home.

Over about an hour, we offer the following:

  • A discussion of the scything you intend to do (if you can, bring photos of the kinds of vegetation / land)
  • Advice on the best equipment for your circumstances.
  • Basic scythe set up and use (as detailed in this guide)
    • Snath set up – choosing the correct length of snath, fitting the hand grips at the appropriate height for you
    • Scythe set up – how to attach the blade and set up the blade angles to get a good mowing position.
    • Sharpening – demonstration of honing (sharpening with a stone), explanation of peening and blade care and maintenance
    • Using a scythe – explanation of the basic mowing stroke, common beginner mistakes

To book a visit, purchase this product. Once we receive your order we will be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time for you to come to the farm. Y
ou can make a note at the checkout if you have a particular time in mind, or ring in advance if you have restricted availability.

Where are we?

Details on how to find us can be found here

When are we available?

As we work from the farm, we are reasonably flexible. Visits can be booked Mon-Sat depending on our availability, usually at either 10am or 2pm.

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