British Made Trimming Snath


Ready at last!

Made especially for us from laminated wood, based on a design by Phil and David Keuglar, here is the first batch of British Made Trimming Snaths that we are ready to make more widely available.

What you will get…

A limited edition, hand made British snath especially designed for what we call “trimming work”!

The snath is light, nimble and capable of cutting in a narrow arc. The more upright, feet-closer-together stance it promotes is a comfortable, relaxed posture for use in the garden and for tasks like mowing paths or trimming under electric fences.

The story behind this snath…

Many years ago, Phil modified a standard Schrokenfux snath using an extra long right hand grip. This produced a scythe that was capable of mowing a narrow swath, with the mower using a feet-closer-together upright stance, as opposed to the feet-hip-width-apart with knees slightly bent stance we tend to use for field mowing. We still have this snath and it’s really useful- see below for a couple of videos of the kind of work it’s used for.

When Schrokenfux updated the snath they stopped making the extra-long right hand grips so we could no longer supply people with a modified set up. Phil and David have worked together over several years to produce this snath as a replacement. Instead of using a longer right hand grip, the increased curvature in the snath gives the alterations in geometry that allow it to work as a trimming set up.

A note on handmade products

These snaths are individually made in a small workshop. As a society we are habituated to the uniform products that mechanized processes produce and it is very hard to compete with that uniformity (and price point) on a handmade scale. All these snaths are well made and functional but they are not “factory perfect”. There may be small variations from snath to snath and minor imperfections. These do not affect the function of the snaths (and perhaps add to the charm of a unique product!)

Height Range
  • This trimming snath will fit mowers who use a size two standard snath (people 5′ to 5’10” in height).
  • If you use a size three standard snath, you should fit on the trimming snath if your lower grip is not in the top hole and your upper grip has at least 3 holes above it.
  • £100 for a full snath

    including Fux right hand grip with a shorter bolt, Fux left hand grip , clamp, wedge and allen key.

  • £75 for just the main shaft

    You will need to provide your own new-style Fux hand grips, clamp, allen key and wedge. We will supply a shorter bolt for the right hand grip (the standard bolt is 5mm too long).

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Phil using our old trimming snath in the garden

This article has pictures of Phil and I testing out a batch of trimming snaths whilst mowing a Labyrinth in Cae Top

As it happens, Phil is using a standard snath in this video, but these are exactly the kinds of jobs that could be done with a trimming snath

Additional Information

Include grips and clamp?

Yes (£100), No (£75)