Adjustable Wooden Snath

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Adjustable curved wooden snath, inc movable hand grips, clamp and wedges for fixing the blade.

The position of the grips are easily adjusted to suit the height and preference of the mower.

This snath design was designed in partnership by Peter Vido and the Schroeckenfux scythe factory.

It is an excellent, high quality product. It’s design allows the user to fine tune the set up of the snath to find an ergonomic, comfortable mowing position. It’s the next best thing to having a bespoke snath made for you!

The ash shaft balances the need for strength whilst avoiding excess weight that would need to be carried and moved by the mower.

The position of the hand grips are easy to adjust and the fixing system is secure, so they do not shift about during use. Similarly, the system used to attach the blade to the snath is simple, making it easy to adjust or switch blades, but is secure in use.

The ergonomic design of the grips has been carefully thought about. The shaping of the handles makes them comfortable in the hands. The rotation of the hand grips relative to the shaft of the snath is such that the wrists sit at a comfortable angle whilst mowing.

Which snath length do I need?

Snaths are available in four lengths. The length needed depends on your height.

Your Height———-Snath Number

Less then 5ft ———Size 1
5ft – 5ft 10————-Size 2 (150cm)
5ft 8 – 6ft 4————Size 3 (160cm)
6ft 4 and taller——–Size 4

Once the correct length has been chosen, the scythe can be fine tuned using the adjustable handle positions on the snath such that the set up suits your height and mowing style.

A Child’s snath can be supplied with a short right hand grip to make set up easier for a child’s shorter stature.

People who are at the edge of the height range may not be sure which snath length to choose.

If your legs are long in proportion to your body length you should choose the longer snath. If they are short in proportion to your body length choose the shorter snath. This should give you the most useful range of adjustment of the handle positions.

Which snath length do I need?
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Snath Length

1 (small), 2 (medium), 3 (long), 4 (extra-long) (+£6), Child (size 1 with small right hand grip)