Minimum Scythe Sets

Whilst we would recommend the majority of people to buy a standard scythe kit with peening equipment included, there are a number of occasion when a more basic kit may be adequate. For example:

  • When you are buying a second scythe and already have peening equipment
  • When you are starting out and are planning to use our blade peening service to begin with or intend to buy your own peening equipment at a later date
  • When you are only intending to use the scythe for very rough weeds / brambles, where it is possible to get away without peening your blade. This is really only possible with the Ditch or Bush blades. Even then, we think it’s worth learning to peen!
For contents of a minimum scythe set see right.
Minimum scythe sets options can be found below.
Profisense and Styria Fux Scythe Blades

One scythe blade. Choice depends on what you will use the scythe for.

adjustable wooden snath

Adjustable wooden snath, inc movable hand grips, clamp and wedge

La Bergamasca

One natural Sharpening Stones. For regular sharpening of blade in the field


Galvanised Metal Stone Sheath for carrying the stone when in the field

Quick Set Up Guide

Quick Set Up Guide