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Gardeners Question Time Summer Garden Party

You may remember that I mentioned that Bunny Guinness, regular contributor on Gardener’s Question Time (GQT), is a fan of the Austrian Scythe (see here). The GQT Summer Garden Party is being held at the National Botanical Gardens of Wales on 19th July. As it is not far from us we will be taking our scythe shop along and giving GQT listeners a chance to … Continue reading Gardeners Question Time Summer Garden Party »

“Poldarking” in Cambridgeshire

“Dozens of people will be whipping out their scythes and ripping off their shirts for a spot of “Poldarking” in Cambridgeshire this weekend.” says this BBC article They are referring to the Eastern Counties Scythe Festivalat Wimpole, that happened this weekend. Phil couldn’t make it this year but here is a great picture of him mowing at the festival last year. Mowing at Wimpole 2014 … Continue reading “Poldarking” in Cambridgeshire »

Back Home and Back Mowing

Phil got back from the West Country Scythe Festival last night. He was back out mowing for hay first thing this morning. Essential parts of an early morning mowing kit! Coffee sweetened with honey from our own bees As usual, much fun was had at the scythe festival and during the courses in the run up – teaching, talking, the Scythe Association AGM, scythe displays … Continue reading Back Home and Back Mowing »

Bunny Guinness does it in bare feet

……bare foot scything that is. Phil bare foot mowing in the Top Field We have known for a while that TV and Radio gardener Bunny Guinness is a fan of the Austrian scythe. On Radio 4’s Gardeners Question Time last week, she was enthusing about the scythe as an answer to mowing a steep bank. Better then a stimmer she says, and we agree! In … Continue reading Bunny Guinness does it in bare feet »