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Waxcap Time

waxcap hygrocybe

Every autumn we look out for the attractive and highly coloured waxcaps (hygrocybe spp), spindle and coral fungi on the farm and at our local churchyards. Worth a search but harder to spot are the strange looking earthtounges. These fungi are strongly associated with old grassland, church yards and lawns and are as distinctive a part of our undisturbed grassland as the wild flowers  of the … Continue reading Waxcap Time »

Extra course dates added, Extra flowering in the meadow

Due to the demand we have had for both Introductory Scythe courses and Peening workshops this year we have decided to add two extra dates. The additional Introductory Scythe course will be on Wednesday 16th September. The additional Peening and Sharpening Workshop on 30th August, a perfect opportunity to give your blade a thorough service, restore it to full sharpness and put right all those … Continue reading Extra course dates added, Extra flowering in the meadow »

Mole Meditations

Spring, the grass is growing and it is time to bash the mole hills. This period of dry sunny weather has made the mole hills friable and easy to spread, so I have been out in the hay field armed with a rake and doing just that. While raking, I have been thinking on the benefits of the mole. There must be some, surely??! Over … Continue reading Mole Meditations »

Biodiversity at Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust

The picture below is of a moth trap glowing at the bottom of one of the Trust’s hay meadows. This was set up on the evening of Monday 30th June and shone brightly for several hours through the night, looking like a UFO had landed! The moth trap. Moths attracted to the light get trapped in the cone underneath. The moth trap was set ahead … Continue reading Biodiversity at Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust »

Establishing Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor)

Spring is well underway, the grass is growing and the Yellow Rattle Rhinanthus minor is germinating in the hay meadows. It is also germinating in profusion in many of the areas that we mulched with grass and hay from Cae Mari Jones last summer and autumn. Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor) seedlings germinating in hay mulch There has been a lot of interest in the role … Continue reading Establishing Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor) »

Colourful Waxcap Fungi found at Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust

penboyr violet coral

Clavaria zollingeri (Violet Coral) in Penboyr churchyard My daughter and I have had an interest in Waxcaps (Hygrocebe spp) and associated fungi since we were lucky enough to discover an important site for them at Penboyr Churchyard (os ref: SN 360363), a short walk from our home. We have been enjoying their display for several autumns now, including the rare Violet CoralClavaria zollingeri. This amazing … Continue reading Colourful Waxcap Fungi found at Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust »