Blade Peening Service

Peening a 75cm Profisense

Peening is an essential part of the maintenance of an Austrian scythe blade.

A well peened blade keeps it edge for longer and makes mowing easier and more efficient. Peening can also be used to repair damage to the blade edge.

Yet peening can be an intimidating skill for many new scythers to learn and it takes practice to become proficient.

Whether you are look for restoration of a blade that has not been peened for a long time or a once a year MOT of an otherwise well maintained blade, our peening service could be for you.


Damage to blade edge caused by a piece of concrete


The same blade after repair and a full peen (site of damage marked by arrow).


The Service

Phil is a proficient peener and peens many blades every year, both for our own use, for use by course attendees and for other customers.

On receipt of your blade, Phil will carry out an initial assessment of the work needed and give you a quote. Phil will then be peen your blade and carry out repairs as necessary, using high quality peening equipment.

The Cost

Booking in deposit of £8.50 for up to 4 blades PLUS £1.20 per 5cm length of blade to be peened (inc VAT)

We may make extra charges if the blade requires more then basic cleaning or for repair of large amounts of damage to the blade edge.

How long will it take?

The length of time between receiving your blade and returning it to you will vary depending on the work required and demand at that time of year. Turn around will be quicker in the quieter winter season and this could be an ideal time to have your blade given an annual MOT ahead of the new mowing season.

We recommended allowing two weeks, although the work may be completed quicker then this.

How it works

    • You book in your scythe, either via email or online (below) and pay £8.50 deposit. This covers an initial assessment and the cost of posting your blade(s) back to you
    • You post us your suitably cleaned blade (instructions will be sent to you). Second class postage with Royal Mail costs in the region of £5 – £12 depending on the length of the blade, or it is cheaper with My Hermes for longer blades. Alternatively, blades can be brought to us at the Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust.
    • On receipt of your blade(s), Phil will carry out an initial assessment. We will email you with a quote for peening and repair.
    • If you are happy with the quote, you arrange payment and Phil will carry out the work needed. Blades will be peened to an edge suitable for grass mowing unless you request otherwise eg a more robust edge for rougher mowing.
    • If you decide not to go ahead we will post the blade(s) back to you in it’s original condition (cost covered by the deposit)
    • Once peening is complete, we post your blade(s) back to you, ready to mow once again
Optional – Send photos first.

If you are not sure if your blade is rescuable, you are welcome to send us photos of your blade so we can make an initial assessment before you book it in.

Blade Peening Service


Deposit for up to 4 blades. See here for more information on this service.