*New* ~ Styria 75cm : *Back in Stock* ~ Rasierschnitt 95cm ~ Grass Hooks

Spring Stock UPDATE



Our spring order from Schröckenfux has arrived!

We have a new blade option for you, plus some old favorites are back in stock.


Styria blade in 75cm length

Styria 75cm, with Styria 65cm for comparison

The versatile 65cm Styria blade has been the backbone of the UK scything scene for many years.

Having heard positive reports from other European scythers, we trialed the Styria in a 75cm length late last summer.

While this a versatile blade that can be used in a variety of situations, the form of the 75cm Styria makes it particularly useful when mowing lush, dense or coarser grasses and forbes (meadow plants) in meadows, extensive orchard etc. The shape also works well on undulating / uneven ground.

As blades get longer they tend to be more prone to damage if used to mow tougher vegetation. So we primarily recommend the 75cm Styria blade for grasses and green weeds, rather then as an “all round” blade like it’s shorter cousins.

More information on the Styria 75cm Blade


*Back in Stock*

Rasierschnitt 95cm Long Meadow Blade

Rasierschnitt 60cm and 95cm scythe blade
Rasierchnitt 95cm, with Rasierchnitt 60cm for comparison.

We are pleased to have the Rasierschnitt 95cm back in stock after a short absence.

This blade is suitable for the experienced mower to use on large lawns or for early hay making. Or for taking part in scythe competitions!

More information on the Rasierschnitt 95cm Blade


*Back in Stock*

Grass Hook (Hand Scythe)

Fux Grass Hook Right and Left

Grass Hooks are back!

Grass hooks or hand scythes are a useful tool for careful vegetation removal where there isn’t room to use a full scythe, in awkward corners or where extra precision is required. I have also found it very useful for cutting back ferns and bracken growing on the near vertical hedge banks boarding our access track.

These grass hooks are made in the same way as the Austrian tensioned scythe blades, meaning they can be peened to refine the blade edge according to need.

This time we have sourced the grass hooks from the Schröckenfux factory. Unlike scythes, where both left and right handed people use the same equipment, the grass hook is “handed”, so we are pleased to be offering left and right handed forms.

More information on the Fux Grass Hook