A guide to the Scything Guides page

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Welcome to the new look Scythe Cymru website!

A core aim of the refresh is to make information easier to find.

Our Guides page contains a wealth of information in a easily searchable format.

To help you find information you can:

Select a TYPE of Guide.

This will show you a selection of guides under a broad heading:

  • BEGINNERS guides introduce you to the world of scythes, from naming basic parts to initial set up
  • BUYING A SCYTHE guides will help you choose the right scythe for you and answer some frequently asked questions
  • INSTRUCTIONAL guides are all about setting up and using your scythe
  • LAND MANAGEMENT AND BIODIVERSITY guides cover topics like managing wildflower hay meadows, hand hay making and managing various kinds of vegetation with a scythe.

Narrow your search by selecting a TOPIC.

  • Particularly want to learn about peening? Select PEENING from the topic list.
  • Questions about clamps? Select CLAMPS from the topic list

Topics work in combination with types. If you can’t see what you are looking for trying resetting the TYPES drop down menu back to default.

Use the SEARCH function.

Type in a key word to bring up a selection of guides.

Note if you have a type or topic selected it will only search within that set of guides. If you want to search all the guides set the TYPES and TOPICS back to default.