New Falci blades and Welsh Made Peening Benches

The Falci order is here!

Despite the lashing June rain, we successfully took delivery of a pallet from Italy yesterday.

For those of you who have been patiently waiting, the Falci 187 Short Ditch Blade is back in stock! (EDIT 24/06/20 – wow, they’re all gone already! Please sign up for our Newsletter to be notified when it is back in stock.)

We are also pleased to be stocking a new blade pattern from Falci called “The Bear”, more details below. (EDIT 29/06/20 – wow, these are all gone too! Please sign up for our Newsletter to be notified when it is back in stock.)

Welsh Made Peening Benches

More locally, we have new stock of Welsh Made Peening Benches.

Falci 187 Short Ditch Blade

Falci “The Bear” Heavy Ditch Blade

This blade feature a neat little bear on the tang to represent it’s strength.

It is a tough blade that is suitable for mowing tough weeds, bracken, bramble and woody plants such as raspberry canes and young tree suckers, and also older, woodier tree suckers.

We enjoyed using it for a late bracken harvest in the autumn.

Scythe Blade Falci Bear hot mark

Weighing in at over 700g, this 55cm blade is in the heavy weight category! While this extra weight takes a bit of extra work to move, the momentum of the heavy blade smooths out the jerks from slicing through the individual stems of tougher plants, making the mowing experience more comfortable.

More details about this blade can be found here

Scythe Blade Falci Bear
Welsh Made Peening Benches
Peening Bench Right

We have had a new batch of peening benches made for us by our neighbor across the valley.

This batch are made with his home milled timber. They are available to order through our shop for collection or delivery (they make an amusing parcel).

Alternatively, here are instructions to make your own.