New look and new blades for Scythe Cymru

Scythecymru webpage

We have been working on a refreshed look for the Scythe Cymru website over the winter – here it is!

All the content from the old site is here and we hope to be adding more information on all aspects of scythe use over the coming months.


We have added two more blades to the Falci range.


The Falci 154 Straight Trimming Blade comes in three length and is ideal for mowing around and between closely spaced objects. We have used it to mow grass along the edges of a forest garden and to control weeds in between the plants.

Falci 154 Straight trimming blade

Falci 154 Straight trimming blades

Falci 177 The Dragon Long Ditch Blade

Falci 177 “The Dragon” 80 cm Long Ditch Blade


“The Dragon” Falci 177 Long Ditch Blade is aimed at the stronger and more experienced mower who is looking to mow larger areas of rougher mowing such as reed, bracken or similar.

See the product entries for both blades for more information.