Peening to Keep Mowing

Peening a 75cm ProfisenseWhilst mowing this morning both Phil and I were sharpening more frequently than usual to keep our blades mowing well – time for a peen. Here is Phil working on my 75cm Profisense ready for tomorrow morning’s mowing.

Permaculture Magazine are featuring an article by us on peening in their latest issue. We want to encourage more people to experience the benefits that peening can bring to mowing, whatever kind of vegetation they are cutting.

A quick hay update. With the forecast relatively settled we are making hay on the Top Field from grass cut on Sunday and Monday, both by us and the Tai Chi mowing course. If we get a decent amount of sun tomorrow (Thursday) we hope to bring in this quarter of an acre in the evening. Otherwise we will have to make hay-cocks to hold it over a possibly drizzly day on Friday.

All the hay racks made from the grass cut on this scythe course have been brought in; taken apart and spread in the morning of a sunny day, then carted in in the evening.

Spreading the tops from the racks
Spreading the tops from the racks, the hay here has a bit of rain damage
Underneath, good dry hay
Underneath the top layer there is plenty of good dry hay.










We have also begun cutting on Cae Mari Jones. The vegetation on this end of the field is a great contrast to that on the top field, fine-leaved grasses and herbs in place of a predominance of broad-leafed plants. The hay mows and handles very differently….

Two morning's worth of mowing spread on Cae Mari Jones
Two morning’s worth of mowing spread, Cae Mari Jones
Hay rowed up for the night on Cae Mari Jones
Rowed up for the night, Cae Mari Jones