A Good Start Made

hay drying in the sunThis last week of beautiful weather has given us a good start on the seasons hay making.

Phil has mowed every morning from Saturday 28th May until Friday 3rd June. The cut grass has been spread and rowed daily, taking about 3.5 days to dry. The first hay was bought in on Tuesday 31st, with more bought in each day since then. Rain was forecast for today (Sunday 5th) so Phil finished mowing on Friday.

Air full of bees!Swarm making it's way into the hiveYesterday afternoon and evening we were concentrating on getting the finished hay into the barn and anything that was not cured up onto hay racksย  to weather the rain.

The afternoons rack building was interrupted by the arrival of a bee swarm, which had decided that some Warrรฉ bee boxes left by the barn were the perfect home for them. When such a spectacle presents it’s self, there is nothing to be done but stop and watch.

Swarming bees are laden with honey making them unagressive. They are concentrating on the task in hand so hard that they virtually ignore you. This means you can safely get quite close to the action. The noise is incredible!


Despite heavy skies the threatened rain never materialised. We could have mowed on a few days longer but are still pleased with the good start made on the winter hay store.

Hay in the barn

Hay racks in the meadow

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    1. Oh dear, call it tiredness from a busy week, looked at the wrong bit of the calender! Corrected now. Mind you, prophecy would be useful when hay making….

    2. Thanks, Jackie. This was bugging me too – though maybe the secret distillery fumes were having an effect.

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